• Capt. Zac

Crystal River / Ozello Fishing Report 11.17.19

Amazing trout bite today back in the Ozello mangroves north of Fish Creek. The morning started slow but as soon as the tides started coming in and the air temperature warmed up we couldn't keep the trout off our hooks. We were throwing shrimp on a jig head for the trout with a 2 foot 20lb fluorocarbon leader and white 1/8oz jim's jig heads. Slowly retrieving and bouncing in the deeper pockets in the middle of the creeks. When we were finished with the trout we moved to Redfish and picked up a bonus Sheepshead in the same area with the same setup. We fished the last hour and a half of the incoming tide for the Reds fishing the backsides of rocky points coming off the Mangroves,

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