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Crystal River Fishing 01.13.2021

Another stunning day on the Nature Coast - a tad bit chilly, but that didn't slow my clients down one bit! With the extreme low tides we've been experiencing, I decided our best plan of action was to drag the mud boat out to fish the back creeks of Ozello. So I had my clients bundle up and meet me down at Ozello Keys Marina first thing in the AM.

As we headed out to face the cold, the wind abruptly met us on the St. Martins River, and for a split second, I feared that it might make for a rather tough day, but I stand corrected. Once we were tucked back in the creeks, it was FISH ON! The redfish bite could not be stopped today. I brought live shrimp and live mud minnows along for bait, but shrimp proved to be the big-ticket item today. I rigged all the poles with 1/4oz Jim's Jig and hooked a shrimp to the end of it, and let my clients toss their lines out into the deep pockets. It wasn't long after the shrimp hit the water that those redfish were chewing.

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