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Crystal River Fishing 01.19.2021

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

If you're looking for sheepshead, you might be out of luck - in the past week; my clients just might have caught them all! All kidding aside, if you're looking to get into some non-stop action and catch fish that put up a good fight, then this is for you!

You're going to want to hit the foul area (easily found on any map or GPS) and bounce around from rock to rock. The water tends to be typically clear in this area, so if the sheeps are there, you're going to see them - if you don't see any, keep moving to your next rock because there are plenty to go around out there. As far as bait goes, shrimp is tried and true!!! I've been using a knocker rig with a live shrimp at the end of it, and it paid off significantly.

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