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Crystal River Fishing 02.14.2021

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Name something more romantic than reeling in your first redfish on Valentines' day?!

I'll wait.

Today I had the pleasure of taking Justin and his girlfriend on a Valentines' day getaway. We left out of The Plantation on Crystal River bright and early in hopes to land this girl her very first redfish. Shallow water redfishing is hard to beat out here in Crystal River, so we ventured out on the mud boat to an area I had been scouting for the past few days.

Typically when I'm redfishing in the mud boat, I'm actively looking for deep pockets/trenches/holes, and today was no different. I had been scouting a back creek that had calm stagnant water, and you guessed it, one deep ole' hole in the middle of it for the past few days, and I knew today would be the day my clients were going to pull some quality fish out of it. I was able to get Justin, and his girlfriend hooked up on two beautiful stud redfish. If you want to see a great video of this girl reeling in her very first red, check out my Instagram @capt.zaczachry - this video says it all!

After perfectly landing some redfish, the excitement on the boat was at an all-time high, and we moved on to trying to get some trout on the ice next! If you keep up with my posts, you know I was headed out to the flats to find some kelp beds! Justin was lucky enough to put a trout on ice, but his girlfriend most defiantly outfished him by a mile today.

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