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Crystal River Fishing 02.18.2021

It was all about the trout today, yall! We left the docks at Shrimp Landing in Crystal River at 8 am, and we were back at noon just in time for the guys to turn our quick catch of trout into a delicious lunch - trout tacos!

When I'm targeting trout, the key factors I'm scanning for are shallower grass flats that are pock-marked with depressions of sand. Potholes are also an eye-catcher because those holes typically provide a type of shelter/cover for the bigger trout in the area. Regardless of the method you use (live or artificial), trout fishing is relatively simple and provides just enough of a challenge that will suit any angler.

One of my favorite things about Shrimp Landing is the service they provide - cook your catch! Today I was able to clean the trout my clients brought in and then brought it over to the food truck on-site at their marina, and they prepared fresh trout tacos for my clients. The atmosphere is relaxed, COVID conscious, and everyone is amiable!

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