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Crystal River Fishing 02.25.2021

Today was all about being stealthy in the back creeks. Zach and his wife Andy were on the hunt for some non-stop action, and Ozello did not disappoint! Redfish and trout were chewing like it was going to be the last meal they ever had (it was the last meal for 2 "lucky" reds and 10 "lucky" trout).

We boarded the trusty mud boat at Ozello Keys Marina early in the morning with some of those lively shrimp they sell (thank you, Billy) along with a few mud minnows in tow and made our way out to the St. Martins River, and from there the rest his history - kidding, here's how it went....

We headed into the back creeks to push pole our way around. The key is to stay stealthy because the redfish back in these stagnate creeks become very timid. Sight casting played a massive role in my clients' success today. We kept it simple with the setup Jim's Jigs and mud minnows. After hooking into their keeper reds, we did a lot of reviving and releasing.

All good things eventually come to an end, so we moved on to slaying the trout from there. There was no shortage of fish out in the grass beds today! We switched up our bait of choice and threw the live shrimp on the Jim's Jig's and went to work. We did quite a bit of drifting over the *edge covers in our area to locate the larger school of trout.

*Edge covers - the point at which one type of habitat meets another, such as kelp and sand, as well as edges of the flats where the grass meets the sand on a drop-off.

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