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Crystal River Fishing 03.27.2021

Updated: May 30, 2021

If you need a reason to get out and fish, here is your sign - the fish bite is on fire! Early this morning, I headed out to Ozello Keys Marina to put the boat in the water and pick up a dozen live pinfish and a couple of dozen live shrimp; my clients showed up not long after with big ole bright smiles ready to fish.

My original plan for red fishing was to head out to the St. Martins Keys, but on my way through Pea Pass, I had a gut feeling that we should make that our first stop of the day. Today I probably could have renamed Pea Pass to 'Redfish City' because the non-stop action kept all four of my clients busy. I positioned the boat right up alongside the mangroves and let them go to town - rebait, toss, reel, & land. The crew only wanted a few keepers to save for dinner, so the rest were released back into the water. After the reds wore em' out, we moved out into kelp beds for the trout. I set up the rigs so my clients could free line the shrimp as we were drifting through. It was a great day, another day on the Nature Coast - nowhere else I would rather be!

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