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Crystal River Fishing 04.14.2021

Plenty of shark lurk beneath the waterways and I'm here to tell you that it is the ultimate adrenaline rush reeling one in! Shark are are widely targeted for their furious fight and sheer size.

These sharp tooth eating machines are opportunistic feeders and it doesn't take much to get them circling around in the area. The idea is to bring the fish to you - you can achieve this by chumming the water. Fish carcasses or frozen blocks of ground fish in a mesh bag over the side of the boat will have the shark there in a hurry. The bait on the end of your hook can range from a mullet with the head cut off to that piece of meat you found in the very back of the refrigerator in that old Tupperware container.

It's important to keep in mind that shark don't have bones, they have cartilage so before you snap that photo for bragging rights remember to handle the shark with care!

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