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Crystal River Fishing 1.25.2021

Crushed it in Ozello today! I got Crystal and her husband Blake out on the mud boat, and they loaded it up with trout, redfish, and a bonus pompano! The kicker is they landed all these fish before noon today!

The weather and the tide really worked in our favor today, but then again, the tide doesn't matter much when you're running a mud boat! We fished primarily around the Fish Creek area, with much of our focus on those deeper pockets throughout. Those pockets were holding quantity and quality fish! Our best success came from merely free lining live shrimp - the redfish could not get enough of em!

I recently switched out all of my guide reels over to Daiwa Laguna 3000 LT's, and I could not be happier with this setup. I feel like these reels' versatility is overall a huge win for my clients because they are very user friendly no matter the skill level. I highly recommend these reels for anyone looking to getting started or for any long-time veteran anglers - you will not be disappointed!

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