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Crystal River Fishing 2.12.2021

Another jam up day of fishing on the Nature Coast!! My clients expressed that they wanted to target redfish and trout today and would love to come back to the dock with their two-person limit - easy enough!

I decided to head out to Grey Mare Pass to fish the mangrove patches before the incoming tide started rushing through. I rigged my clients' lines with the infamous Captain Zac Zachry rig - Jim's Jig (pink 1/8oz) with a live shrimp. We landed some beautiful stud redfish in the Grey Mare area and did quite a bit of catch and release once we put our two keepers in the ice chest.

We didn't have to move far to get into the trout! We stayed in Grey Mare Pass but slightly

relocated to work the hard-bottomed areas. I did change up the rigs on the lines in this area to keep my clients on their toes! This time around, I went artificial and broke out the D.O.A Glow C.A.L Jerk Baits and hooked them onto those same pink Jim's Jigs from earlier in the day. That two-person limit my clients were after was a quick and easy one because those trout we're chewing!

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