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Crystal River Fishing 2.10.2021

This is mud boat fishing at its utmost finest! Met my clients at Ozello Keys Marina at 8 am sharp and we headed out to Grey Mare Pass area looking for those deep trenches to pick some quality redfish and trout out of!

As we got into Grey Mare Pass I caught sight of a deeper trench off to our left that looked to be holding quite a few redfish so I had decided there was no better time to start tossing the line out! I rigged my clients lines with the *Texas Rig method - if you haven't heard of this method allow me to paint a picture for ya at the end of this post! On the hook I went with the trusty D.O.A - C.A.L Jerk Live Glow and they didn't sit long in that trench before those redfish we're chewing on em! Pulling up a few keepers in this area took very minimal effort so we switched it up and tried our luck for a 3 angler limit of trout.

When targeting trout I'm actively looking for an area with moving water, hard bottom, and kelp - MAJOR KEY! In my experience trout have the willingness to strike at just about any kind of fake offering you throw at them however I tend to stick to the MirrOlure Soft-Shad in Watermelon Red Glitter (I'm a creature of habit). Today I put our artificials under popping corks and we struck gold! That 3 angler limit we were looking came to us easy today! We were grocery gettin' today - made it back to the dock by 12!

*Texas Rig

The sliding weight provides casting assistance which also gives your artificial a darting and diving action while it's being worked through the water. All while the hook remains hidden inside of the artificial bait of your choice (weedless).

Step 1: Thread the line through your weight of choice. Be mindful of the depths and current flow in the area you're going to be fishing in when choosing weight size.

Step 2: Run the hook point through the nose of the artificial and pull the hook all the way through.

Step 3: Invert the hook so the point is facing towards the artificial and then insert the hook point into the body of the artificial. Step 4: Pull your line to draw the hook eye into the artificial.

Step 5: Catch fish.

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