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Crystal River Fishing Report 02.28.2021

Well, if you haven't heard, the fish are moving out west, and I'm moving with em'! When targeting redfish, be sure to keep your eyes peeled wide open for any points with water moving over it, structure, and if you happen to see a deep hole next to one of those points, EVEN BETTER.

MirrOlure Lil John XL Watermelon Red with a Texas Rig is my set up right now for artificial. If you've never heard of a Texas Rig or want further instruction on how to tie one up, circle back around to my blog post from February 10th, and at the bottom, I've listed it out step by step! This setup is rigged weedless, so when you're bumping up against those oyster bars, mangroves, and grass, you're artificial is just going slide on through, but once the pressure is applied to the bait, the hook will pop up and hook your catch pretty easily.

Artificial isn't for everyone, so I like to have some form of live bait on hand during my charters. Live bait is a great introductory for first-time clients that have never held a rod and reel in hand. I typically turn to mud minnows, live shrimp, and, if it comes down to it, fresh-cut (legal) bait. Once pin fish start to come into my region heavily, I will substitute muds out for pins.

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