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Crystal River Fishing Report 04.06.2021

Things are heating up on the Nature Coast, and I'm not just talking about fishing. The mornings and late evenings are still brisk but come mid-day, that sun is very unforgiving. We all know that the shallower the water, the quicker it heats up, so those fish are looking for shade, and there's no better place to lay up and get lazy than underneath the overhangs of the mangroves.

Don't be afraid to reel in and re-cast up under those mangroves if you don't get your bait directly in front of the fish the first time. It's a major key for your bait to be directly in front of not on top, not behind, or too far away in front of the fish. That red is looking to do minimal work for that food, and it knows that eventually, something is going to come along right in his reach to eat regardless if it's your bait or not. During temperature changes like this, the fish have a real 'don't give a damn attitude,' so if you're not looking to put in some work to catch the fish, this might not be the ideal time for you to fish - give the fish time to adjust to the climate changes.

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