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Crystal River Fishing Report 10.31.2020

Happy Halloween, or as I like to call it now, RedOween! My clients for the day had to reschedule until next week, so I took the opportunity to get my brother Memphis aboard to scout out a few new areas. We took a cruise over to the Grey Mare Pass area and decided to use 4/0 circle hooks baited with fresh chunked mullet. We could see a group of Reds tailing in front of us and decided to test our luck to see if we could get any of them to chew. Memphis landed this beautiful upper slot Redfish and then a few more from that same school, one of which was a 30" stud that was carefully released back into its natural ecosystem. I plan to return to this area with my clients next week and hopefully have the same luck as today..... or we'll have to go back to the dock to pick up Memphis for some of that lucky Redfish energy.

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