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Crystal River Fishing Report 11.25.2020

While heading out of Kings Bay, I was ready for a great day of fishing, but any expectations I had before going out didn't even compare to the day I had with my clients. There wasn't a single moment where someone was sitting idle on the boat - fish on all day! The redfish were stacked in the St. Martins River's back creeks in Ozello, and they were hungry! We had a strong incoming tide early on, so we decided to hit those redfish spots first using 3/0 circle hooks and baiting them with fresh chunked mullet. We eventually decided it was time to head over to Trout Key Bay, where the trout bite was incredible. If you've been following my blogs, you know what kind of rig I had my clients use to land those trout, but if you're new here, here's my go to - shrimp under a popping cork (it rarely if ever fails me).

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