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Crystal River Fishing Report - 11.3.2019

We had an amazing day leaving out of Kings Bay. The odds were against us with having high winds, low tides and dropping temps but that didn't stop this crew from filling the cooler. Don't get me wrong, the fish didn't just jump in the boat as we worked hard for them but that's why it's called fishing! We started our day fishing for speckled trout in the shallow grass flats out in front of mangrove point in about 3' of water on the yellow bottom. We were throwing popping corks with shrimp and white jerkbaits. We finished out the day back in the deep creeks behind Pecks Old Port Cove fishing for red drum, the bait of choice was a live shrimp on a jighead. 20lb mono leader with 1/4oz red jims jig head. Pinch the tail off and put the shrimp on like you would a jig tail and slow bounce off the bottom in the deep pockets of the mangrove creeks.

redfish, trout, black drum crystal river, fl
redfish, trout, black drum crystal river, fl

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