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Crystal River Fishing Report 12.11.2020

I called in my trusty mud boat for this one! If you haven't seen one of these boats, let me paint a quick picture for ya! Mud boats are designed to navigate through treacherous terrain - in my case, extreme low tides! More than likely, you've probably seen the hull of one before and not realized it, but the real unique thing about a mud boat is its motor. A mud motor consists of an air-cooled engine that is mounted to an elongated direct drive shaft; when the single-engine is mounted to the transom, it doubles as a pivot point for the motor so you can navigate through the Nature Coast with ease.

Now that you know what we used to hitch a ride let me tell you a little about our day! We scooted our way out to the Salt River, it was a bit overcast and a little on the chilly side, but eventually the sun made its way out, and it warmed up (not by much, but we we'rent complaining). I rigged up the poles with some 4/0 Demon Perfect circle hooks made my Mustad Fishing, and we were simply free lining fresh chunked mullet. The bit was red hot and this area produced nice quality Redfish for my clients, and they even caught a surprise juvenile Snook in the process.

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