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Crystal River Fishing Report - 12.13.19

The day started out raining and windy and the day ended up raining and windy... That didn't stop this crew from catching quality and quantity on redfish and trout! We started with trout and had to fish off the bottom with some 1/4oz Jim's jigs and 3" new Penney gulp shrimp fishing in about 4' of water in the kelp beds out in front of Trout Key Bay. From there we moved back into mangroves north of grey mare pass to stay out of the weather and had an exceptional red fish session free lining chunked mullet with a 4/0 circle hook. On the way in through salt River heading back to Crystal River, we noticed a big school of reds tailing where I had my client through one of the jigs into and ended up with a beautiful 30" stud that was successfully released. Great day in Crystal River!

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