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Crystal River Fishing Report - 12.8.19

Was loving this warmer weather today and so were the fish! This awesome family joined me on a day full of catching. Started with trout and didn't quite get the tide we wanted but managed to put 7 keepers in the box and countless shorts. We were just south east of the Crystal River Beach fishing the rock bars using new penny gulp shrimp under popping corks tied with a pink 1/8oz Jim's Jig head. Could stop the redfish from hitting our baits! Almost every cast there was another red on. We were fishing the mouth of Fish Creek on the backsides of the mangrove islands using live shrimp under popping corks tied on with a 4/0 owner circle hook. We actually ran out of the 50 shrimp I had got because the redfish were so hungry but luckily I had a bag of chunked mullet in the cooler from the day before so we switched to that and it worked just as good as the Shrimp.

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